How much does an animal MRI cost?

So How Much Does an Animal MRI Cost at Companion MRI?  Veterinary MRI isn’t just for dogs and cats!  For example, we’ve provided complimentary MRI scans to zoo animals. And we have imaged ferrets, kangaroos, flamingos, rabbits, chimps, and even turtles!  For any small animal, MRI scans at Companion MRI are typically $1,825 for one scan site.  If an additional anatomical MRI scan site is needed, the cost will be $250 for the additional site.  In an emergency situation, we may need to have the radiologist read the exam immediately and we will need to charge an additional $100 for STAT reads.

Here are a few examples of when an additional scan site may be needed:

1. Two completely separate scan sites are requested either by the veterinarian or client such as for the brain and the lumbar spine, the abdomen and the shoulder, bilateral shoulders or bilateral knees.

2. We do not scan the entire spine as one scan however we try our best to cover as much of the spinal anatomy within the area to be scanned.   If we need to scan the entire spine on the animal it will count as a primary and a secondary scan site.

3. Another example of needing a second scan site is if the ordered scan results are negative.  We will consult with the animal owner or custodian normally during the pre-scan consultation and ask if the owner wants an additional site scanned in the event that the primary site scan is negative.  To do the additional anatomical site while the animal is under anesthesia is the ideal time to get the secondary site for the nominal fee of $250.

To summarize, the dog MRI cost will be as follows:

  • $1,825 for one scan site
  • $250 for additional scan sites
  • $100 for emergency or STAT reads of the exam by the radiologist

Please call us at (860) 586-8610 if you have any questions or concerns about how much an animal MRI costs.  We are committed to helping all our clients get the MRI scan they need for all animals in need.  MRI has the advantage of being able to accurately identify and characterize abnormalities in soft tissue that are not detectable using other imaging modalities such as ultrasound, CT, or myelography.  Let us help you get the best possible care and accurate diagnosis for your dog with our superior MRI scanner. 

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