The Companion MRI Team


Ken Glatt, R.T.(R)(MR)

Ken has 14 years of experience in all facets of MRI. He is on the MRI staff at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Prior to that he was the Chief MRI Technologist at Medical Imaging Center in CT. He has been actively involved with Veterinary MRI for 5 years and serves as Companion Imaging's MRI Director of Applications and Education as well as Chief MRI Technologist. "Our pets deserve the best and I get so much satisfaction being able to use my skills to help diagnose illness in our loved ones as well as training Veterinarians and great technologists the exciting, rewarding, and rapidly growing field of Veterinary MRI."

Jen Merrick R.T. (R)(MR)

Jen is the newest member of the Companion MRI team. She has several years of experience in all areas of Radiology from hospitals to outpatient settings plus she is a board certified MRI Technologist. Jen serves as one of our highly trained per diem MRI Technologists.
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