Benefits for Referring Veterinarians

Put MRI to Work for You in Your Practice

MRI technology offers you a powerful way to increase your diagnostic capabilities and provide more complete care to your patients. When standard diagnostic methods, such as blood work and x-rays, fail to explain symptoms, an MRI may offer critical information that leads to a definitive diagnosis and help clients make informed decisions regarding the care of their pets. Companion MRI puts advanced MRI technology at your disposal and allows you to integrate it into your everyday practice. Companion MRI allows you to offer a more affordable option to your clients and work directly with our consulting Radiologist and/or Neurologist.

When you refer patients to Companion MRI center, you can…
  • Benefit from the diagnostic clarity provided by high-field MRI technology (1.5 Tesla).
  • Receive results within 24 hours of the exam (STAT turnaround available).
  • Speak directly with one of our board-certified Veterinary Radiologists and/or Neurologists about the MRI report.
  • Consult with our Radiologist and/or Neurologist about the best course of treatment and next steps. As a result, you maintain a continuous relationship with your patient and are able to develop a personalized treatment plan based on the results of the exam.

Advantages of MRI

MRI has several advantages over other imaging modalities. It provides detailed, high-resolution images of a patient’s anatomy, without delivering potentially harmful doses of ionizing radiation. MRI also offers superior images of the brain, spine, and musculature system. In fact, many neurological conditions can only be definitively diagnosed with an MRI exam. This is because an MRI can accurately identify and characterize abnormalities in soft tissue that are not detectable using other imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, CT, or myelography.

A study in the American Journal of Veterinary Research found that:
  • MRI is the superior imaging modality for the nervous system and many other organ systems.
  • MRI has a much lower rate of false-negative results than CT or ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound cannot predict tumor margins and spread as well as MRI and is limited to use in areas not obstructed by bone. No-cost MRI Training Companion MRI provides training classes on the applications and advantages of MRI to veterinarians in regions surrounding our center.
You will learn how to refer patients for MRIs and how working with Companion MRI can add value to your practice. For more information on MRI training, contact Companion MRI.
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