Veterinary Anesthesia for Small Animals at Companion MRI

Companion MRI provides Veterinary Anesthesia for Small Animals as part of the MRI scan. It is essential to get motion and artifact-free MR images in order to provide the highest quality diagnostic MRI exam.

When you bring your pet to Companion MRI, we provide complete and total care with the safety of your pet as our main objective while getting fast, high-quality MRI results. Typically, the MRI scans can take from 30 to 60 minutes and possibly longer if additional scans are needed. We will send the results to your veterinarian within 24 hours.

You may be familiar with MRI and have had a scan yourself. While you can be asked to be still during the scan, this is not possible with animals. Your pets need to be provided with Veterinary Anesthesia for Small Animals during an MRI scan. This is required to make sure your pet is perfectly still throughout the exam and positioned correctly, since any motion can produce blurred or unclear images. Companion MRI is located in a specialty veterinary clinic with full veterinary capabilities and emergency resources. We only use specially trained veterinary anesthesia for small animal clinicians and imaging personnel to carefully monitor your pets throughout the entire MRI procedure. Should any complications occur during anesthesia, emergency clinicians and resources are immediately available onsite to provide care as needed.

At Companion MRI, our mission is to get the most accurate diagnosis for your pets in the most cost-effective, safe way and we will work directly with you and your referring veterinarians to make MRI scans safe, accessible and affordable.

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