Veterinary MRI Imaging used to Diagnose Companion Animals

Companion MRI is the only dedicated, full time Veterinary MRI imaging center located in West Hartford, Connecticut in Central Connecticut and Hartford County. We serve clients from New England and surrounding states including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Veterinary MRI Imaging for many common problems and symptoms has the same indications and diagnostic benefits as MRI scans for humans. For example, patients with undiagnosed pain, headaches, seizures, and negative diagnostic tests will most likely get an order for an MRI exam or scan. These are the same reasons to order an MRI for your clients’ pets with similar symptoms. An MRI can give you the information to properly diagnose the problem effectively in order to begin an immediate treatment plan with your client’s pets.

Some of the most common indications and reasons for ordering Veterinary MRI Imaging include:

• Seizures
• Suspected Brain tumor
• Meningioma
• Nasal masses
• Sudden behavioral changes
• Circling, walking into objects.
• New or chronic bloody nose
• Chronic nasal discharge
• Salivary gland tumor
• Pituitary tumor
• Sudden visual loss or suspected tumor around or behind the eye
• Head trauma
• Hearing loss or suspected tumor in the ear
• Foreign body
• Herniated dish
• Traumatic disc injury
• Pet dragging back legs
• Pet is holding one leg up
• Muscle atrophy in legs
• Spinal cord tumor
• Any disease of the spinal cord
• Chest masses
• Soft tissue abnormalities
• Pelvic tumors
• Bladder tumors
• Prostate tumors
• Suspected abdominal tumors
• For surgical approach and to define borders of area in question
• Suspected shoulder tears
• Elbow injuries
• Knee injuries
• Bony tumors
• Getting a clear view of the brain or head anatomy before surgery
• Client peace of mind to make the best decision for their pets

At Companion MRI, our mission is to get the most accurate diagnosis for your pets in the most cost-effective way and we will work directly with you and your clients to make MRI scans accessible and affordable for your clients.

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