Veterinary MRI Costs at Companion MRI

Veterinary MRI costs at Companion MRI are typically $1,750 for one scan site.  If more anatomical MRI scan sites are needed, we charge an additional $250 per added anatomical site.  If a STAT read of the MRI veterinary scan is needed in an emergency situation, we will charge an additional $100 for STAT reads.


Additional scan sites may be needed for a variety of reasons including:

1. When separate scan sites are requested by the veterinarian or client such as for exploration of both the brain and the lumbar spine; the abdomen and the shoulder; or for bilateral joints.


2. When a scan of the entire spine is needed we will need to do multiple sites.  We try our best to cover as much of the spinal anatomy within the requested area but if we need to scan the entire spine on either a big or small animal it will count as a primary and a secondary scan site.


3. When the primary scan site is negative, we will discuss with the pet owner and referring veterinarian if requested and decide if an additional site should be scanned.  To do the additional anatomical site while the animal is under anesthesia is the ideal time to get the secondary site for the nominal fee of $250.

Veterinary MRI Costs in summary:

  • $1,750 for one scan site
  • $250 for additional scan sites
  • $100 for emergency or STAT reads of the exam by the radiologist

Please call us at (860) 586-8610 if you have any questions or concerns about veterinary MRI costs.  MRI veterinary technology offers you an extremely powerful way to increase your diagnostic capabilities and provide more complete care to your patients. When other diagnostic methods do not explain the symptoms, a veterinary MRI provides superior information that may provide a definitive diagnosis.  This helps pet owners make informed decisions regarding the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment of their pets. Companion MRI provides advanced MRI veterinary technology which allows you to integrate into your practice with affordable veterinary MRI costs.

Veterinary MRI CostsVeterinary MRI Costs

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